There are many places called Suuremõisa in Estonia. Hiiu-Suuremõisa (Dago-Grossenhof) is in Pühalepa municipality in eastern Hiiumaa. It is 6 km from Heltermaa Harbour, 18 km from Kärdla and 16 km from Hiiessaare airport. Hiiu-Suuremõisa is one of the grandest baroque manor complexes in Estonia. Today the manor is home to Hiiumaa Vocational School and Suuremõisa's kindergarten and elementary school.



Story of the manor

The manor's founding date is not known. In the Middle Ages the Pühalepa area was held by the Livonian branch of the Teutonic Order. Suuremõisa was mentioned in 1519 as the Pühalepa Order’s manor.

When Hiiumaa became part of Sweden in September 1563 the manor came into the ownership of the King of Sweden.

In the 17th century the manor was known as both Pühalepa (Hoff Pöhilepp) and Suuremõisa (Grossenhof) manor.

The majority of Hiiumaa (incl. Suuremõisa) was owned by the noble De la Gardie family in the 17th century. After the Great Northern War (1700-1721) the manor became a rental property of the Russian army. From 1755-1796 the manor was owned by the Stenbocks; the Ungern-Sternbergs possessed it from 1796-1919, until the Republic of Estonia sequestered all manors.

Main building

Land and outbuildings

Suuremõisa park


Owners of Suuremõisa

The story of Suuremõisa manor was compiled using the materials of C. Russwurm, P. v. Ungern-Sternberg, P. Johansen and J. Maiste, K. Hellström on the history of the manor and park and the photo collections of Estonian Historical Archives, Hiiumaa Museum and Hiiumaa Vocational School.
Compilers: Kristiina Hellström, Vello Kaskor
Photos: Kristiina Hellström, Katrin Kallaste, Toomas Kokovkin, Viktor Rõbtšenko

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