There are many places called Suuremõisa in Estonia. Hiiu-Suuremõisa (Dago-Grossenhof) is in Pühalepa municipality in eastern Hiiumaa. It is 6 km from Heltermaa Harbour, 18 km from Kärdla and 16 km from Hiiessaare airport. Hiiu-Suuremõisa is one of the grandest baroque manor complexes in Estonia. Today the manor is home to Hiiumaa Vocational School and Suuremõisa's kindergarten and elementary school.




A lot of servants were employed at the manor. By the end of the Stenbock era there was a resident professor, doctor, chaperone, secretary, governor, captain, dairy, herding governor and different bond servants such as the professor’s servant and maid, the doctor’s two maids, two valets, five footmen, a cook, the cook’s three assistants, two gardeners, a coach driver, a postman, three stable boys, a huntsman, the huntsman’s assistant, a shoemaker, the shoemaker’s two assistants, a weaver, the weaver’s assistant, a stocking weaver, two blacksmiths, a brick burner, three chambermaids, a kitchen-maid, a house-maid, a herdswoman, the Count’s personal footman, the saddler’s assistant, a hairdresser, the painter’s assistant, the blacksmith’s assistant, a cabinetmaker, the doctor’s servant, a house servant and the architect’s maid. In the stables, barns and workshops there were further bond servants.

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