There are many places called Suuremõisa in Estonia. Hiiu-Suuremõisa (Dago-Grossenhof) is in Pühalepa municipality in eastern Hiiumaa. It is 6 km from Heltermaa Harbour, 18 km from Kärdla and 16 km from Hiiessaare airport. Hiiu-Suuremõisa is one of the grandest baroque manor complexes in Estonia. Today the manor is home to Hiiumaa Vocational School and Suuremõisa's kindergarten and elementary school.



Suuremõisa park

The oldest part of the park is its symmetrical orchard with its berry bushes, bines and trees, which was established in the second half of the 17th century. Before this time the manor had a vegetable garden, which was most likely located in the vicinity of the ponds, which were dug a little later.

The rear-most park is the one east of the manor, between the walls. It was probably established alongside construction of the manor and its wings in the second half of the 18th century. The meadows between the manor and the river were sculpted into a landscape park in the early 19th century.

In the second half of the century a new orchard (the cherry garden; also known as the school garden) and cabbage patch were established, three greenhouses were built and additional planting took place in the park. Oak, chestnut and alder avenues were also established, the alder one being 4.7 km long.

At the end of the century the sandy riverside grasslands were turned into arboretums of pines and oaks under the direction of forest officer Karl Ahrens. Different species of foreign trees were tested. Russian and Siberian larches along with Sitka spruce and European silver fir have adapted best. However, native species dominate in the park: oak, ash, elm, lime, pine, alder and birch.

The part of the park that comes under wildlife and heritage conservation covers just over 45 hectares, of which a little less than half is maintained. The rear park is maintained by Hiiumaa Vocational School, while area of the ponds by Suuremõisa Elementary School and the forest park and meadow parks are maintained by the State Forest Management Centre.

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